Wednesday, March 15, 2006


I've been reading over at The Stupid Criminal Hall of Shame and laughing my, er, derriere, off. Check it out, here's a small sample.

A couple was out camping in their motor home. They came back after a walk & things didn't look quite right around their motor home. So they took a look around. They found a man in the bushes that had just vomited everywhere. What happened was the guy had tried to siphon gas from the motor home, but
instead got the holding tank.

An elderly woman spent a leisurely shopping at the mall. Upon return to her vehicle, she found four strange males sitting in her car. Frightened, the woman dropped her shopping bags and drew her handgun. She told the men that if they did not get out of the car, she would shoot. The four men ran off quickly, whereupon the lady got into the car. Her key, however, would not fit. The woman realized that her car was the identical one parked a few spaces down. She drove to the police department and reported the story. The officer on duty laughed hysterically and pointed to the other end of the counter where four pale men had reported a hijacking by a mean old lady; no charges were filed.

There's tons more on the site. I swear,I haven't laughed this much in a long time. And they say crime doesn't pay. Heck, it got them on the web!

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