Thursday, March 02, 2006


Every thing around here is up. The temperature, the buttercups, my weight, my blood sugar, my Cholesterol.

Spring is in the air, and I need to get off my more-than-ample behind and start moving around. I got out today and pulled a few weeds but the greening grass and fallen limbs gave me out just looking at them.

Time to tune up the lawn mower and trim the grass plus rake up the left over leaves, pile up the limbs and have a bonfire. I need to scrub the grill, too. I'm ready for cook-outs and friends hanging around pitching horseshoes and playing badminton. Maybe going to the mountains of Bankhead for some day hikes and wading in the creeks (while keeping a lookout for dangerous wild critters like rattlesnakes, copperheads, cotton mouths aka Water Moccasins and feral hogs).

All this sunshine is giving me cabin fever.

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Lady K said...

I remember water moccasins when I lived back east. Never did see one, but played with a LOT of garter snakes with my brothers.