Sunday, March 26, 2006


*Nongirlfriend is writing the "Single and Childless" column of the new webzine "Estella's Revenge". Y'all keep watch and cheer her and all the other writers on (the columns include one by a witch and another by a guy). Update your blogrolls now, next month is the first time we get more than just introductions.

*I'm watching a Ron White aka "Tater Salad" special on TV. The title of the show is as true a statement as I've ever heard:

*All I've done all weekend is cook, eat, and lay around with Sweet Thang. Everyone needs a little down-time and TLC.

*Speaking of stupid: Be careful who you're seen in public with. A local woman caught her two-timing feller out with another woman at a service station just down the road from my house. She proceeded to T-bone the cheating hussy against a dumpster with her car, then get out and punch and kick the shit out of the victim. The hussy is in ICU with broken bones and internal bleeding and might not live, while the offended girlfriend is in jail waiting to see if she gets charged with assault or murder. Who said small towns don't have local entertainment? Personally, I don't think any man is worth it. But if I had to run over anyone, it woulda been him! Reckon who he's the most concerned about, his jailed girlfriend or his critically injured mistress?

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