Thursday, March 23, 2006

OOOs & AHs

*I got this comment on this post:
Anonymous said...
I googled to find this as I heard it read on an AM station in CO and was curious what the whole thing was about :)Very funny!
3/22/2006 1:31 PM
I always knew I'd be infamous!

*Blogger is being a bitch. It wouldn't let me log in yesterday, but kept telling me to republish and to check Blogger Status. How the hell can I do that if I can't log in?? I had some great stuff to say, too, but I've forgotten it all now. (Oldtimes Disease, I guess) I feel like some guy tweaked my nipples and then said "Not Now". Damn tease!

*Heard this on the way to work this morning. I don't like rap, but I love this part of the lyrics
I've got a cute face
Chubby waist
Thick legs in shape
Rump shakin both wayz
Make u do a double take
(MISSY ELLIOTT (f/ Ciara, Fatman Scoop)

*Why is it when I'm trying to watch the one show on TV that I love the most ("BONES" on Fox) the telephone rings, people pound on the door, and other household members won't shut the hell up? I don't ask much people, and I pay the cable bill. One hour a week ain't too much to ask, is it?

*If I can get out of here this evening without getting hijacked, I'll have 7 whole days off.

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