Wednesday, June 28, 2006


I've been flogged! Who knew that a well stocked freezer could be a health hazard?

When I went to put my new case of Sugar Free/Low Carb Vitatops in the freezer I was attacked by a monster-sized frozen chicken. The sucker leaped out from the top shelf, smacking the top of my foot hard enough to break the skin.

After doing a remarkable imitation of an Indian war dance, hopping around on one foot and screaming a few very choice fugly words (scaring the poor dog half to death) I hobbled in the house (the freezer is in an outside storage room) and announced to my son that I thought I had broken my foot. If I hadn't been in pain, the look on his face would have been priceless. I'm usually the doctor, not the patient.

After copious applications of ice and a few Aleve, I've decided that I just bruised the living hell out of it. It's still oozing blood and starting to turn colors that Crayola never manufactured but I believe that I'll live, although I doubt that I'll be wearing any shoes for a while.

Why does this shit always happen when I'm on vacation?


Jerry Horne said...

WOW that is cold

anonymous jones said...

What a glamorous foot!

Cowtown Pattie said...

Super Chicken strikes again...that devil.

Guess it could have been a full sized THAT would have mashed that sucker flat...

Vanda said...

Humpt I've never been tagged or flagged:-(. Greetings from England.

Love your blog and look for when you post an entry. Keep up the great, terrific job you are doing!!!!!!