Thursday, June 22, 2006


She leaned over the counter in one of those classic pin-up girl poses, a pudgy 15 year old Lolita trying to look sexy. The full moons of both ass-cheeks fully exposed, her Daisy Duke cutoffs resembling a thong more than a pair of shorts. Lord knows where the crotch of the so-called shorts had gone to; it surely wasn't visible to the naked eye wedged as it was in the dark recesses between her juvenile thunder thighs. The blue Baby-T stopped at the bottom of her ribcage, rolls of fish belly white fat bulging out, totally filling the vast space between it and her short-shorts. The sad thing was, this little girl/wanta-be woman thought she looked good. You could tell by the way she wagged her butt at all the passing men, flipping her long hair and batting her overly made-up eyes at anyone she caught looking at her display.

Karen came by and dragged me out of the house and to a local indoor flea market; this was the first sight that met us when we walked in the door. I'm far from slim but I know better than to display my bodily sins to the world. Did this girl not look in the mirror before she left the house? Surely her mother didn't let her go out looking like that! While this look might have flown at the beach, it was soooo wrong for anywhere else!

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