Wednesday, June 14, 2006


I found a place just begging for stories "designed to give readers tastes of what is inside of the dark minds of the horror writers around the blogosphere".

"Tastes of the darkness' is a carnival of horror flash fiction where each fortnight, one blogger will play host to a selection of flash fiction of the dark and disturbing."

Edition #1 of Tastes of the Darkness is now online at Benjamin Solah: Writer and Revolutionary. (There are several stories and some of them are amazingly good! Go check them out.)

Submissions are open now for edition #2. The theme is betrayal.

The site has some neat banners and buttons to link with.

Speaking of Horror Stories, I know that now-a-days you can find anything on the internet but I'm still constantly getting surprised at what I run up on. Lots of sites are kinda morbid, but it's like driving by a train wreck or car crash. You can't help but slow down and stare, trying to be nonchalant but guiltily hoping that you'll see something that'll make a shiver go down your back. It's why so many of us like horror movies, we like to be shocked, scared and grossed out. You know what I mean, that Adrenaline Rush thing.

Today I found, entirely by accident, Complete Audio of the Execution Tapes, the "complete collection of subpoenaed Georgia execution tapes, totaling more than eight hours of audio. These RealAudio files are transfers of the raw, unedited tapes. Some of the tapes begin after the execution has started or end before the procedure has been completed".

In 1998 audio tapes of 22 Georgia executions -- tapes recorded by members of the state's Department of Corrections for their own records -- entered the court record when criminal defense lawyer Mike Mears subpoenaed the tapes in a lawsuit he brought challenging the state's use of the electric chair.

I'm all for rehab and reform, but it's like going into surgery with gangrene, sometimes you just gotta cut out the rotten part to save the whole. I'm on the fence about the execution issue. I don't like to condone killing, but if some asshat harmed someone I cared about, I'd gladly throw the switch myself. Now they just shoot the bad guys up with an IV, but dead is dead, right?

Side note:Side note:On April 26, 2002 the state Governor of Alabama, Don Siegelman, signed a law making lethal injection the primary method of execution there providing that from July 1, 2002 condemned inmates in Alabama will be executed by injection unless they choose the electric chair. Alabama carried out the first electrocution of the new millennium when it put David Ray Duren to death for the robbery murder of a young girl on January 7, 2000. The "Yellow Momma", as Alabama's chair is known (pictured left) was last used on the May 10, 2002 for the execution of Lynda Lyon Block .

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