Monday, June 12, 2006


I should have known that it being Monday, something had to go wrong!!
The day started out fine. 3:30 AM - the alarm scares the hell out of me (I wish someone would invent a kinder, gentler alarm that would still wake me up!). Sweet Thang spent the night so we both stagger out of bed, inhale a couple cups of java each, attempt to look semi-presentable, grab lunch and head out the door at 4 AM.

SHIT! He's locked his keys in his truck, WHICH IS PARKED BEHIND ME! I'm parked in my carport with no way to get out, his spare truck-key is at home, but his spare house-key is in the truck along with the one on the truck key ring (???) and even if it was in his pocket I have no way to take him to his house to fetch his spare truck-key because he's blocked me in. I don't give a rat's ass if he's late but I gotta get to work. Mama's got bills to pay!!! {{{{DEEP BREATH}}}}

So we have to call his Dad (who fortunately loves me AND has a key to Sweet Thang's house) to come and get he-who-blocked-me-in, take him to get the spare truck key and bring him back so I can escape from my carport and go to work.

I made it on time (barely) but only because we live just a few miles apart and I drove like a bat-out-of-hell getting here. It's kinda sad/funny when a man is 46 years old and his Dad is still rescuing him.

The man owes me big-time! Hell, I'm 50 and all this stress ain't helping me in my hard-fought-but-losing battle against age spots, gray hair and wrinkles. I think I feel new gray sprouting just thinking about it and I haven't looked in the mirror since I got here. I'm afraid of what I might see!

So how is your Monday?

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apositivepessimist said...

did you look? check yer pubes as well. sneaky little freaks grow there as well.

my alarm clock says "good morning" in that sing-songy tone of voice that you just wanna punch the shit out of. starts my day of well June I can tell ya.

I beat it up the other morning, as in waking before it...I was pretty smug about it too. hee.