Saturday, June 24, 2006


I've got to work midnights this weekend and then starting Monday I'M ON VACATION! Yes boys and girls, starting Monday I have an entire week off. Can't get called in, don't have to peek at the caller ID before answering the phone.

I don't have a trip planned but there should be something happening locally, it is the week before the 4th after all. I couldn't get the holiday off, so this was second choice.

Last night my sister Teresa and I went over to Karen's and indulged in trashy movies and copious amounts of alcohol. Female bonding at it's best. Mimosas, beer, fuzzy navels. Luckily I only live one mile away. I made it home just before midnight so I didn't turn into a pumpkin or anything.

Hope everyone has a good weekend.

BONUS: I've got a new link on the blogroll. Iris doesn't have comments enabled but when you read her site you'll know why. This girl goes into some VERY intimate details on her blog. Definitely not PG rated.

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