Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Cover your eyes if you're squeamish! I know this is 2 posts in one day but I just had to steal borrow this picture from Patty at This That & Frog Hair! Some things are just too good not to share.
(click on photo to see larger view)

Don't you know this guy's going to wake up with sunburn in some tender places!!! The exposed asscheeks look as if they've sprouting shaver stubble ! And that hanging nutsack ....... UGH!


Lightning Bug's Butt said...

I hope I look that good in 30 years.

The Histrionics of a Fat Housewife said...

Since I kind of resemble the drawing of the woman at the top of your blog, I cannot say a word. Glass houses and all that jazz.

But... ummm... okay. I'll say a word. SOCKS? White tube socks? Come on! What was he thinking?