Friday, June 16, 2006


Today was yard-work day. First, I've got one bitch:
$8 worth of gas and a five gallon gas-can is only around half full! Damn these gas prices, it costs a lot to mow 2 acres.

I walked behind a string trimmer until I ran out of energy (lots of trees to go around, you know) and still didn't get through. I got lots of exercise and lost gallons of sweat (temps were in the 90s), so I figure I got my exercise for the day. Chane rode the riding mower until he hit a root and ruined the blades, so I guess a trip to Lowes is in order tomorrow. At least he got most of the lawn cut first.

I promised the Grandson that if the weather was good we'd go spend the day on the Tennessee River in the morning. I've got to go and see if I own a bathing suit that I'm not ashamed to be seen in after I get off-line, I haven't worn one in a while! Once you hit a certain age and weight. bathing suites become the work of the Devil!

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anonymous jones said...

Hi Junebugg! I admire you doing the string trimming yourself. We call it 'whipper-snipping' here, and I get Instant Jim to do it. When he's done, he is always exhausted and comes in covered with grass, dog poo, and goodness knows what else. He's cut up snakes, goannas(and my plants that he couldn't see because of all the muck on the visor) you name it!